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We help clients solve problems of any aspects by providing one-stop diversified services.

Deep Blue CPA Limited

"Deep Blue" represents power gathering and wisdom! It originates from a chess-playing computer called "Deep-Blue" that defeated the world champion Garry Kasparov in 1996. Being developed by the top software developer and chess lovers, it symbolizes as the crystal of collective wisdom. The fact of defeating the world champion reflects such a big power of gathering wisdom.

"Deep Blue" also implies humbleness, ration, independence and calmness. Our staff devote to completing the jobs with humble characteristics, rational mind, independent work and calm mood. We also work with team spirit and serve each client warmly in order to build up our corporate brand and go along with you to success.


Established in 2007

We have been providing professional services to our clients since 2007.


1 office and 2 liaison offices                 

Headquarter is located in Hong Kong. Moreover there are liaison offices in Shenzhen and Shanghai.                    


Over 600 clients

We have clients mostly from Greater China area and a few from Europe, USA, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.


Over 20 staff

Our team consists of over 20 staff providing professional services.

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