Audit & Assurance Services

Financial Statements Audit

Financial statement audits have a critical role in the creation and maintenance of the confidence of investor and can provide valuable insights into the Company’s business.

We can assist your Company carrying out auditing annually as required by the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance. The Company’s statutory financial statements must accompany the audit report when they are issued to the intended recipients.

A financial statement audit is an exercise must be carried out by an independent auditor, attesting to the fairness of presentation of the financial statements. Result of the audit will be concluded in the Independent Auditor’s Report.

Other than statutory audit, we also have expertise in auditing financial statements for approved projects. The following are list of funds which require financial statements for their approved projects to be audited within a limited timeframe:

  • Environment and Conservation Fund
  • Innovation and Technology Fund
  • Quality Education Fund
  • BUD Fund (Enterprise Support Programme)
  • Other Funds

We are independent of our audit clients in accordance with the HKICPA’s Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants, and we are in compliance with our other ethical responsibilities in accordance with the Code.