Hong Kong Taxation

Tax Audit and Tax Investigation

We have plenty experiences to assist our client to get through the field audit and investigation, lead your directions and reduce your panic.

Tax Field Audit

Tax field audit is conducted on both corporations and unincorporated businesses. The work of field auditors entails site visits to business premises and examination of accounting records of taxpayers in order to ascertain whether correct returns of profits have been made.


Investigation officers are responsible for conducting in-depth investigations where tax evasion is suspected, and taking penal action (including prosecution proceedings in appropriate cases) to create a deterrent to tax evasion.

Generally, we can assist you with:

  • Preliminary review and preparation for the tax audit
  • Identifying key tax issues and formulate strategy for you
  • Conduct rehearsal for initial interview with IRD
  • Liaise with IRD officers
  • Accompany you to interview
  • Advise an appropriate approach to complete the tax audit and final tax settlement