Company Formation & Company Registration

WOFE/WFOE Registration in China

Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise (WOFE) is an independent legal entity which is invested by 100% foreign investors and established in mainland China according to law. Foreign investors have full commercial independence; WOFE profits can be remitted to foreign investors.

  • CapitalWOFE, 100,000 yuan a one-time paid in place.Wholly foreign-owned enterprises are private economy; all of its capital by foreign direct investment, all investment funds are imported from abroad; no quantitative restrictions on investors.
  • InvestorsMust be a natural person, enterprise or other economic organization other than the People’s Republic of China.Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao enterprises, economic organizations or nature, although not as foreign enterprises or foreign natural persons, as the Special Administrative Region, China in the settlement of these enterprises, natural persons to invest in China, developed a special laws and regulations to address these areas Businessmen to invest in China.